How to Cancel Kaspersky Auto Renewal?

Kaspersky offers all the features which you search for in an internet security. While you surf the internet, there can be several viruses which can enter your device through the malicious links available on the internet. In the absence of a strong antivirus software, you can get attacked by the hackers and they can easily steal your personal details and can hack your various accounts. In order to avoid this situation, installation of Kaspersky is recommended so that your device’s security is not compromised. If you need any support for the Kaspersky internet security, you can avail it from the Kaspersky Customer Service.

You can purchase any security plan of Kaspersky and let it protect your system. Sometimes the users tend to use the auto-renewal option to get the plan automatically renewed as and when it is expired. However, if you don’t want to continue further with the plan you can get the subscription canceled. But this should be done before the expiration of the current plan otherwise it will be automatically renewed on the expiration date. If you need any help to get the auto-renewal canceled of Kaspersky, you can get connected to us at Kaspersky Support Phone Number.

To cancel the Kaspersky auto-renewal, the following steps can be undertaken:

  • You can only cancel an auto-renewal before the expiration of the current license period. Once it gets expired, it will be renewed and you will have to wait for the next period to get over.
  • From the ‘Find my order’ page you can enter your order number and password in the given field. This information will be available in the email you have received after purchasing Kaspersky.
  • After entering the information, click ‘Find’. This will take you to the order details of your account. From there click on the ‘Cancel’ option.

In this way, you can easily get the auto-renewal canceled by Kaspersky. The other option you can do is to contact at our Kaspersky Customer Care Number. After the cancellation, you will not be automatically charged for the services from next period and then you can decide to continue with the subscription or not. You can also claim for refund after cancellation within a fixed amount of time. However, cancellation of subscription will not allow your access to its some of the advanced features.  

After you will call us at our Kaspersky Help Number, our technicians will guide you about the process to be undertaken for the cancellation of the auto-renewal feature of Kaspersky. All other issues related to Kaspersky will also be considered here and will be given adequate solutions. The technical staff is extremely familiar with the potential issues with any internet security and can provide you with correct information and knowledge about the product and its various features. It is a one-stop platform for all the Kaspersky issues and you will not feel any need to get to another support service.

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